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an emerging exploration in a group mural over a 4- day retreat


A useful tool for supporting exploration and awareness. 

     The unconscious speaks to us in symbolic language so drawing can be a useful tool to explore and foster emerging growth and awareness.  When we have access to more information it can be helpful to us in becoming more connected and engaged in a purposeful and choiceful way in our everyday life.

     Free-style drawing can be useful in the “exploration stage” that naturally emerges in an organic psychosynthesis process. (1. pp 107-113) This particular drawing exercise is from psychosynthesist, Molly Young Borwn. (2)



  • Have drawing materials ready.
  • Sit in a private place, cell phone off, and become calm and quiet.
  • Close your eyes...
  • Do some gentle deep breathing...
  • Notice sounds outside and inside the building and room you are in...
  • Notice the temperature of the air...
  • Notice the sensation of your body in contact with whatever it is in contact with: furniture, floor, wall... 
  • Become aware of your physical  body and notice that your body is breathing...
  • Watch you body breathing for a few breaths... 
  • Go to a deeper place within....


When you feel ready, ask yourself:

    (1) Where am I now in my life (career,goal, relationship0 ? This is the big picture view of what is present now.


    • First, take some time to just let whatever thoughts, or images or ideas or feelings about that question come up.  Then when you feel ready let go of that.
    • Then begin to draw whatever wants to happen in response to the question and whatever came up in your self-reflection onto the paper.  It may or may not not look like anything you thought about in your reflection.  Just follow along with whatever wants to be expressed in colors, shapes, sizes, letters, numbers words... .  Do not try to make a drawing - rather let it happen in an organic way.  When you feel you are finished sit back and look at what is there.
    • Now take some time to ask the drawing what it is saying - what is its message and write it down on the paper.
    • Also, take some time to write about your experience with this process and question and all that came up for you, if you want to do  that.

Use the same process for the next 3 questions.  Take your time.  There is no hurry.

    (2) What is trying to emerge (grow, come into being, become a part of me) in my life (career, goal, relationship) right now?

    (3) What is getting in my way - what seems to be blocking this from happening?

    (4) What do I need (to do, change, create or bring into my life now) in order to move in that direction?

You can keep your drawings in a special place (even put one that seems most important to you in some way on the wall) and see how it speaks to you over time.  Make notes about how it may shift or change in its meaning.  You can repeat the same exercise at any point if it feels it would be useful to do so.

enjoy the process, too!!

(1) Firman John and Gila, Ann, 2010. A Psychotherapy of Love: psychosynthesis in practice. State University of New York, Albany, NY.

(2) Brown, Young Molly, 2009.  Growing Whole: Self-Realization for the Great Turning. Psychosynthesis  Press, Mt. Shasta, CA.


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