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Molly Young Brown

“Psychosynthesis for the People”

                                         Starts February, 2012

    Molly will be offering an Advanced Teacher Training for practitioners who already have at least a year of traininng and expereince and are interested in developing training or educational programs, workshops, or retreats that will make the principles and core concepts of psychosynthesis and its tools more assessible to people who are interested in learning more about ways in which they can be more fully aware and more fully engaged in their life choices, plans and goals.

    Molly Young Brown is a guide, mentor and author who has over 40 years of expereince in the field of psychosynthesis. She offers on-line distance training courses to meet the needs of people who live in areas with no nearby psychosynthesis center, and for people who prefer to work at their own pace and schedule. These courses lead to certification upon completion. They are:

    1. Personal and Spiritual Psychosynthesis
    2. Guiding Skills
    3. Psychosynthesis for the Earth (incorporating ecopsychology and systems thinking).
    4. Advanced Teacher Training

    Molly is the author of
    Unfolding Self: The Practice of Psychosynthesis
    Growing Whole: Self-realization for the Great Turning.
    These books can be ordered at
    Psychosynthesis Press or at amazon.com


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